Our cards can be made with 80% recycled material
Plastic Business Cards

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The plastic business cards we can produce for you will last for a very long time.

Your business card is often the first tangible item a prospective customer sees that represents your company – and the one thing they hold onto after your meeting.

Whilst ordinary cards will get tattered corners and fade over a relatively short period, plastic cards will look as good, years later, as they did on the day you gave them out.

That’s just one of the many reasons why you need us to supply your cards.


Plastic Business Cards

The details...


PVC Plastic

Size and Thickness

85mmx54mm, 760 Mic (Same as credit cards)

Double Sided

Printed both sides full colour (CMYK), Gloss Finish. It's included in our price

Eco Friendly

Can be made with at least 80% recycled plastic, at no extra cost

Make it special

Your cards can be blinged up to make them pop even more. Why not add a Hotfoil or Spot UV?

Plastic Business Cards
Plastic Business Cards
Plastic Business Cards
Plastic Business Cards

Plastic Business Cards Prices at a glance All excludes VAT

100 x Cards from
£85 ex VAT.

Make them extra special......with many more extras availible call us on: 0203 281 6006

Most people fancy the idea of customised plastic business cards. They allow you to print any kind of information on the card without shedding too much money on it. Every business card can be customised in terms of its size, colour, effects and text details on them.

Most plastic business cards are 85mm x 54mm size with rounded corners printed in CMYK colours via Litho. Printing a business card provides us with more than basic options for print and can be customised to provide a bigger impact. Why are plastic business cards so effective? Plastic business cards are most effective from a marketing point of view if and when they are customised. It is important to think of a business that designs its cards outside of the box so that they will be remembered.

When ordering your plastic business cards/ loyalty/membership cards, the first thing to think about is the goal of the plastic card. You may want to relay business information to your customers and audience, but there is also an underlying agenda – that of selling more. Most companies optimise the card to be a marketing tool that  holds information for the longest. Customers can then refer to the information whenever they wanted to buy or check on the company. Customers can refer to the cards to get more or additional information about the company.

That said, our credit card-sized plastic business cards are easy to carry around and obviously durable, because they are made of plastic. They fit in wallets and can be carried around for easy reference. As a strategy, your customers can then show off to other customers and this will act as a referral. The cards can be made into special shapes but on the whole should be the same size as a credit card so that it fits in people’s wallets. Oversized plastic cards are best used at the office or home without having to carry them around or with a hole in so that they can be attached to lanyards (think festivals or information cards).

The corners are usually rounded but special tools can be made for special shapes and I would try to keep away from square corners since they will end up ripping wallets if it’s too sharp. If you are in a competitive industry, which most people are, it is critical to add features that make the card set your business apart. The design should be more memorable than not. That is achieved first by using a premium printing plastic material then great effects.

But then in addition to including a logo, colours have a meaning when implemented on a card. Most companies will do with a company theme colour. That works for most of the coloured print on the card, for instance, the logo. However, you can also emulate other things like the colours of your website, products, and services, etc to add pomp. Most companies are also aware of the industrial theme colour.

So if a company is in the environmental field, they can use green and so forth. It is critical to spend a good length of time designing the artwork to produce the best effects and in the best resolutions possible preferably in Vector 300 dpi. Finally, if you are looking to use common colours like red, pink, brown, orange, yellow, green, blue, white, and other colours, concentrate on their meanings also. If you are interested in prestigious membership cards, gold or silver foils are also recommended, among other premium features like matt finish or spot UV.

Whilst modern machinery is employed for parts of the printing process we still employ traditional artisan methods in printing your plastic business cards, its still a very much hands-on business with most of the effects:

  • The prints are initially printed using Litho which can be done with Pantones or CMYK (or a mixture) depending on what is needed
  • Traditional methods are then used to add effects like metallic inks or foils
  • The other category of cards are the matt finish plastic cards – these have a refined matt texture. The texture is produced by using special matt steel plates in the lamination process.
  • Then if needed things like a Spot UV can be applied via silk screening to make parts of the cards shiny and slightly raised
  • This produces unique cards that can be used by any business or company.
  • A full-colour plastic card can also be produced at request. This type of card is the result of printing artwork and laminating between two sheets of clear PVC. The PVC is clear and thick to ensure durability. The art work put in between the PVC sheets is printed in full colour on both sides.
  • Of course, the card can be personalized at the owner’s request with things like names/numbers/barcodes/QR codes/Scratch panels etc.

Most business plastic cards are manufactured using PVC material. Consider that when manufacturing business plastic cards are being printed, the material needs to have surface energy higher than that of the ink to ensure the ink adheres properly. However, PVC has low surface energy and achieves poor ink adhesion. To ensure proper adhesion of inks, which will determine the quality of the card prints, we first test the surface energy and ink surface strain concerning each other. This will help to improve the card’s surface characteristics. For instance, a surface angle meter can be used to measure the surface energy of a material like PVC when making cards. After this, we match the best values of surface energy and ink surface strain to end up with the best adhesion characteristics.

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Our cards can be made with 80% recycled material at no extra cost
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