Our cards can be made with 80% recycled material
Transparent / Frosted Cards

Transparent and Frosted Plastic Cards

If you are looking for something special, these cards are for you.

Our transparent and frosted plastic cards offer a look and feel of superior quality. These kind of cards have a tactile quality and will be visually stunning.

We also offer a design service for these cards. Call our design team today and let’s get started on creating a card, that when given to potential customers, leave a lasting impression.

Transparent / Frosted Cards

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Printed one side

It's included in our price.

Eco Friendly

Made with at least 80% recycled plastic, as standard, at no extra cost.

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transparent and frosted plastic cards
frosted plastic cards
transparent and frosted plastic cards

Transparent / Frosted Cards Prices at a glance All excludes VAT

100 x Cards from
£190 ex VAT.

Make them extra special......with many more extras availible call us on: 0203 281 6006

The business world moves fast, and we within it move even faster. We keep ourselves busy with tasks to keep up with the speed that the economy shifts. Because of this, business people are always in meetings and meeting new people. Networking is a vital element for any successful business, and it is how many companies increase their sales. Time is money, and good business people know this basic mantra.

Why to use Plastic Business Cards?

Usually, when you meet new business people or interacting with customers, you are only with them for a short amount of time. Your schedules do not always match up, so you cannot afford the luxury of making a proper connection with them. You often set up a meeting or talk to them over the phone. To do so, you need to exchange information so that either party can initiate communication.

Business Cards still important in the modern age

Technology has now made it easier than ever to connect with people all around the world. It has also made the sharing of information much easier as well. Business people can now share information using their smartphones and other devices they have on them. However, the best way to exchange business contact information and really be remembered is using a business card. It gives off a great impression and shows that you have thought about how you will interact. In many cultures, giving your business card is customary to begin business relations. To be as successful as possible, you must give much thought to your business card as it is a representation of yourself and your company. Plastic Card Experts allow you to do just that.

Design Services

The design and make up of your business card is very important to your overall business relations. Not only does it serve as a representation of you and your business, but it also has the capability of impressing those you give it to.

Designing your card is no simple task, even for the most experienced business person. In fact, making the perfect card for your business requires a more design-oriented individual rather than a business-minded one. Plastic Card Experts is a business card company that can design it for you. We have professional designers that are masters at crafting the perfect business card that you are looking for. You just need to describe what you want, and they will work with you to create the best design to suit you. Plastic Card Experts handle the procedure so that you can focus on running your business without worry.

Alternatively, you can submit your own design to us, and we will handle making cards out of it, Plastic Card Experts will help you realise your dreams. Of course, they can also provide you with proven templates for you to work with. You can follow the template or modify it to your liking. Plastic Card Experts are simply there to assist you in any way needed.

PVC Core Plastic Cards

The material of your business card says a lot about your company and yourself. Plastic business cards are the best option for your material. Not only are they extremely versatile, but they are more durable and prestigious than cards made of paper or card stock. Paper cards are prone to damage from water or getting folded with use. Thus, they are disposed of after a while. Plastic cards last longer and hardly get any damage. They can be placed in your wallet or cardholder. If you were in the shoes of the receiver, either your client or customer, then you would want to receive a card that is tough and will not fold if you were to place it in your pocket.

Plastic Cards options

As mentioned earlier, plastic as a material is extremely versatile, and that translates into it being used in business cards. Plastic business cards are capable of many designs, uses, and technology being implemented within them. For example, credit and debit cards are made of plastic. You could use the same system for your business gift card or in-store funds. This provides an extra incentive to the customer to use your store. Business owners can also embed chips within their cards to allow them to interact with the latest technologies. RFID/NFC contactless cards can be used for membership-only establishments such as gyms or studios. The possibilities for business cards are practically endless with the use of high-quality plastic as opposed to paper.

Transparent business cards are being utilised by many organisations. These cards give a look of modern superiority and with the right design can be amazing. It is a far cry from the coloured cards we have grown used to that are popping with colour. Instead, they are rather simplistic, giving more emphasis on the company logo or information listed on the card. If they are frosted as well, they feel more prestigious than your usual card. Plastic Cards Experts offer you the ability to design your transparent business cards. Their professional designers can design the perfect transparent card for you, or they can apply your design to one instead. Modernise your business card for the new age of the world.

Creating the best business card for you or your company is an easy task with professional guidance. Plastic Card Experts are industry leaders that have proven to be effective. Many clients understand the importance of making a good impression with their business cards, and they also understand how invaluable the service is. Your business deserves the best, so you should not be hesitant to give it your best effort. Use your business card to form new relations, impress clients, and transform how your customers perceive your company. We allow you to unleash your maximum business potential.https://www.plasticcardexperts.co.uk/blog/plastic-cards-business-needs

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Our cards can be made with 80% recycled material at no extra cost
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