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Why business cards are still important in the modern age

In the modern age of social media and technology, it may be easy to think that business cards are no longer needed. Business cards have been around for decades, handed to potential clients at networking events and seminars.

Many people believe that with such a focus on social networking nowadays, individuals no longer need to print business cards. Because they can simply get their phones out and follow potential clients on LinkedIn.

Business cards can tell a story about your brand

It’s a time-honoured tradition to include the bare minimum on your business card: name, job title, company address and contact details. But it’s worth considering how business cards can be used to sell your brand at the same time.

Think about who you are and what your company offers. Business cards can be brought to life through art and logos. You could easily add style to your business card so that it stands out when you hand it to people.

It’s also worth considering its shape: instead of using the conventional business card shape. Be brave and try custom shaped cards, these can show off your creativity and may with your brand.

Business cards aren’t expensive

As a start-up or a growing business, it’s important for you to consider your costs and overheads. Choosing to have high-quality business cards created for your business is a good way to keep costs low.

Remember, if you’re networking, then your business cards may well be the first impression that you can create. This is why it’s so important to spend your money wisely.  Invest in a design that tells your story and captures the attention of potential clients.

Business cards act as a physical reminder of your business

The rise of social media and the increased importance of an online presence for businesses means that many companies are choosing not to use business cards. This has a negative impact, because business cards are an essential tool. That guarantees that your business is fresh in the minds of people you’ve given them to.

A physical card gives recipients the chance to reflect on their earlier meeting. By designing a business card that has a strong brand message and a story to tell, you can ensure that your brand stands out among the many business cards that are handed out at networking events.

Business cards are still important in the modern age, but businesses need to think about the way in which they can be used, in the most effective way.

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