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Why Choose Plastic Business Cards?

Why Choose Plastic Business Cards?

Whether you run a big, moderate, or small business, innovation is what keeps your brand ahead of your contemporaries. While there are many new ways to innovate, you might want to try plastic business cards as a first step. Business cards often serve as a crucial object in first impressions, and with a stylishly designed plastic business card, you leave a successful impact that lasts the longest time.

The biggest highlight of these cards is that they come with a range of different finishes and designs. This way, you get to explore many options and choose one that’s functional and stylish simultaneously.  Also, these can be Eco Friendly made of 80% recycled plastic and are fully recyclable they look stunning and convey a sense of high value.

But why should you even consider investing in plastic business cards? What specific advantages do they offer? We will learn that and more in the following sections.

What are the specific advantages of plastic business cards?  

While plastic cards come with several advantages, in this section we will summaries their top benefits.

This is one of the biggest benefits of using a plastic business card, especially when you are comparing it with paper counterparts. Because these cards are crafted from high-quality plastic, they are extremely durable and won’t be damaged by any external agents. With these cards in place, you needn’t worry about ink spillage when it comes in contact with liquid or wears and tear with slightly rough use. So, if you are looking to drive your brand and create a lasting impression for your clients/end-users, choose plastic cards for their incredible durability quotient.

Unique Designs

Another interesting factor behind choosing these cards lies in their unique and breathtakingly beautiful designs. Unlike regular paper cards that are available in a standard set of colours and designs, you can go all out with a plastic card. You will find them in the best designs and the most vibrant shades. What’s more, you can even choose the finish of these cards and customize them the way you want. So, whether you want a glossy or a matte finish- these handy and functional plastic cards have you covered.

What’s more, every time you hand out a plastic business card to your client/end-user, you inadvertently drive interest and engagement because these cards are still not quite common.

Lasting Impression

Harping on the previous point, plastic cards are certainly a winner when it comes to making lasting first impressions. Since many aren’t very familiar with the concept of these cards, they will be naturally blown away by the design and pique more interest in your business. Because this is your end goal, it is certainly an excellent idea to invest in plastic cards.

In this context, you should also have the perceived value of these cards in question. Very often, the look and feel of plastic cards are just the same as a regular credit card. That means, your business partners and your competitors, view your company with an elevated worth which also helps drive your brand value. This way, plastic cards are a win-win for both the business owner as well as the end-user/client.

Customisable Components

With plastic business cards, you get several customisable components especially when it comes to the design aspect of the card. Whether you want a frosted design or something completely transparent, with the right high-quality plastic card, you can convey just the right brand message.

Plastic cards also enable you to play around with the shapes. You will find several customisable shapes to pick from, which in turn will give you an entirely new definition of uniqueness. Thanks to these cards, the time with your clients will be memorable and they will remember your business, simply based on the business card value. You can also add some special functionalities to your card to make it appear even more attractive.

So, if you are looking up your personalisation game, plastic business cards are just the way forward. They not only reflect your brand value but also help you stay an edge ahead of others.


What are the common features of a plastic business card?   

At this point, you are probably wondering what the different features of a plastic business card are. In this section, we will discuss all that and more in detail.

Customisation options: As you already know, plastic business cards come with enough room for customisation. This way, you can add your photo or any other shape or object to the card. What’s more, you also get to pick from a unique range of high-quality card designs.

Numbers: Like several other cards like membership and credit cards, plastic cards have a unique numbering system that makes them further stand out. Several companies add this number to track information about the card quality, elsewhere it is simply used for aesthetic purposes. Either way, numbers on a card look great and when you team it up with the right brand message, your plastic business card truly stands out.

Pad for signature: With a plastic business card, you get a dedicated pad to sign your name. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? This is indeed one of the best ways to leave a lasting impression on your clients. What’s more, hand-signing your name makes the card appear even more sophisticated and elite. So, if sophistication and elegance are what you’re aiming for, plastic cards might just be your best bet! This signature offers added protection that makes your brand or business appear even more credible.

Barcode: You will find several credit cards and other types of cards with a dedicated bar code. This is primarily used for security reasons. The same applies to your plastic card. If you’re looking for better authentication options, you might just want to install bar codes on your card.

Bottom Line: So, if you want your business to stand an edge ahead of competitors, try investing in a quality plastic business card that successfully delivers your brand message. Use your logo and a fine finish to go with the message. And that’s it! With so many plastic business card options, you will be certainly spoilt for choices. Either way, make a judicious decision by choosing a stylish and sturdy card that’ll convey your brand message the right way!

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