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Explore a Wide Range of Plastic Cards to Meet Your Business Needs

Plastic Card Experts – UK based reliable supplier of plastic cards, and we keep our clients at the core of our business. We are committed to supplying our clients with high-quality plastic cards at an affordable price. We also provide a wide range of plastic cards to meet your varied business needs. Here is a range of cards that we provide to our customers.

Eco-Friendly Recyclable Plastic Cards

Using eco-friendly plastic cards will help you trend less ruthless to the surroundings. Our wide range of plastic cards includes gift cards, credit cards, discount cards, plastic business cards, photo ID cards and loyalty cards, among others. There is a very big reason why you should consider going green when it comes to plastic cards. Here are the benefits of using recyclable plastic cards for all your business needs.


They promote A Greener Future

A single-use plastic creates devastating effects on the communities and environment for many years. That is why governments have been on the front line in banning the use of most plastic items like straws and other less mandatory items. The best thing is that we endeavor to provide our clients with green plastic cards for various applications like gift cards, ID cards, business cards and much more. It will be beneficial to any business to know that they are improving the surroundings and creating a better world for the future generation.


They have Fewer Carbon Emissions

According to the International Card Manufacturers Association, at least 10 billion plastic cards are produced every year. That translates to a lot of pollution through carbon emissions. We provide eco-friendly gift cards, business cards and Picture ID cards, among others. We are committed to supplying our clients with plastic cards that produce fewer carbon emissions, thus reducing the overall carbon print.


Reduces Virgin Material Production, With at least 80% of the PVC Cards made with recycled material

Reducing the amount of plastic production through recycling the card is our priority. We ensure that the materials we use are recyclable, thus reducing carbon dioxide production and less waste. It is also a better way of giving single-use plastic a second life to reduce plastic in landfills. It is great for your business to know that they are getting supplies with high recyclable content to reduce the waste that ends up in the oceans. That ensures a cleaner environment and a better tomorrow.


We Offer Are Range of Plastic Cards that meets all Your Needs

We are the suppliers of all kinds of cards to ensure that we meet our customers varied needs. Whether you are looking for gift cards, membership cards, rewards cards or any other type of card, we will be there to supply your needs. Our designers are very creative, and they can create cards that can serve different purposes. Contact us for more details.

Here are some of the supplies that we provide for our clients:

  • Key Tag and Card combination
  • Our Key tag and card combination for your wallet will carry a card and keys, which is a great way of promoting your brand. You can use that combination to pass clear promotional messages out to both your current and potential customers. In addition, it will give your customers a sense of pride in carrying distinctive key holders that make them stand out from their peers.
  • Sometimes, you can use these products’ loyalty cards by adding a barcode to help your customers earn points through them.

We also supply high-quality cards that will help your customers treat their friends with elegant plastic gift cards. We ensure all our clients receive high-quality design gift cards that make a powerful impact and improve your brand recognition, eventually affecting your profits. These cards are very powerful in improving your sales and also help introduce your brand to new clients.


Transparent and Frosted Cards

If you are looking for something slightly different from the normal cards, these cards are for you. We will supply you with high-quality cards that are visually stunning and give a feeling of greatness. We also offer custom design services that will ensure your customers get a lasting impression of your cards.


Business Loyalty Cards

Our business loyalty cards are more than just earning points, for they are sleek and durable. We supply you with high-quality loyalty cards that make your customers feel special, and they make them keep coming back to your business. Once the customers know they are special and you treat them so, they will be loyal to your business. For example, if you use a magnetic strip to monitor your client’s buying habits; you can learn them better and reward them depending on how they behave in your store. In addition, our loyalty card experts can design for you a very nice-looking piece of artwork that makes your brand stand out.


Membership Cards

We are among the leading plastic membership card suppliers in the UK. Designing membership cards helps both you and your customers feel like they belong to each other. You deserve the best cards available for your membership scheme. That is why we at Plastic Card Experts deal with nothing short of superior quality cards. Nothing feels better than slipping an exceptionally high-quality loyalty card into your wallets. Your clients will be proud to be associated with you, and they are likely to keep the cards forever. So there is nothing that feels a better way of advertising that loyalty cards are redeemable through high-quality plastic cards.

We also offer fantastic customer service with adherence to the service level agreement and ensure the turnaround time is within the agreement.

Plastic Card Experts allow you to order any card with whatever design you think will meet your business needs. We will customize them to fit your specific needs.

All our cards are printed using high technology to ensure a flawless process, and we also ensure that they can be as practical as possible. Whether you are looking for employee tracking cards or identifying personnel to allow access to controlled areas, we will provide you with all you need. We do not just print any card, but we blink our cards to ensure they pop out.

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