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Why business cards are essential for SMEs

Why business cards are essential for SMEs

Despite many activities of a modern business being digitally based, there is one aspect of corporate culture that has stood the test of time: business cards. They offer many benefits to those who choose to utilise them. An essential part of all business dealings is networking. When you give a potential client or business partner a card they are more likely to remember you. When you present someone with a physical record of your meeting it not only gives them a reminder of your contact, but it also lets them know you respect them enough to present them with the card.

Business cards for SMEs

Many dealings of a modern business still require face to face contact, and business cards are a convenient way of presenting someone with your business details. This is especially important for SMEs as smaller companies require extensive networking before they can expand.

First impressions are of course, very important. When a potential contact is handed a business card they know they are dealing with a professional. With it you can direct clients to your website.

Business cards are great for first impressions

Let us consider the disadvantages of modern alternatives to business cards. Imagine a networking opportunity where you meet a potential client. Instead of handing them a card you proceed to ask for their own contact information. You would need to input this into your smartphone. Looking down and tapping away is an impersonal way to form a first impression.

A better way to deal with the situation is to make eye contact, smile and hold out a hand to shake. Then when you have introduced yourself a business card can be given to avoid any inconveniently phone fiddling.

Portable and affordable

It does not matter if someone only uses email and other computer based platforms as a contact. In modern business it is still expected for all professionals to carry a business card. They are portable, affordable and easy to hand to people.

When ordering a business card it is useful to be deliberate about the information printed. Important information should not be mixed with unessential numbers and words. Ideally your business name, title and direct contact details should be included. Plastic business cards are a great choice when choosing a professional printing service. Taking advantage of customisation

options will help make your card stand out. It’s a great choice to help reflect the style of your company.

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