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What is the difference between a Matt and Gloss Card?

What is the difference between a Matt and Gloss Card?

Simple answer is: Matt is none shinny and gloss is shinny.

There are advantages to both, really depending on your design and how you want your cards to look.

Matt gives a bit texture to a card and can really make them look different. Is also very good to use on dark coloured cards, because you will find that dark colours will show small scratches very quickly. Matt gives the cards a bit more longevity with the look.

Gloss with some vibrant colours can really stand out well (although the same card in a matt finish could give a more classy look)

We do charge extra for a matt finish and one of the reasons for that (it’s a bit long winded but bear with me): all cards are made with the same overlay on and to create the matt finish we use special plates in the laminators , which then impress the finish into the plastic.

Normally machines are set up to use our gloss plates, so we have to change the plates over for a matt finish which takes time. Also the matt plates need replacing every now and then and they are a lot more expensive than gloss plates.

I do feel that in most circumstance matt finish does add more style to a card (It’s not just me saying this).

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