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Developing the right brand for your business

Developing the right brand for your business

Starting your own business is as exciting as it is stressful, yet one of the most important aspects to consider will be how you present your business to the world. Branding brings together several schools of thought in both the creative and cold-hard-business fields and it is pivotal to the success of any new business.

Within this article, we’ll look at the steps you should take to develop an exciting and relevant brand around your business.

Brand name

When considering a name for your business, think about how you wish for your business to be perceived. For instance, if you are starting a company in the professional services industry such as a law firm or accountancy then the appearance of professionalism and trustability are paramount, and staying away from “quirky” names is advised. Whereas if you are looking at something more consumer-facing such as a flower delivery company or coffee shop then something memorable and fun should be considered.

Brand colour scheme

Choosing the right colours for your brand will help you elicit the desired emotional response from your customers. When choosing your brand colours, try using the fantastic free colour scheme generator from <a href=”https://coolors.co”>Coolors</a> where you can find pre-made colour schemes that designers have pre-generated or generate them yourself from scratch. If you want to be seen as a fun, exciting and “quirky” brand then utilising bright, vibrant colours may be the best foot forward. If your goal is to elicit feelings of trust, calmness and professionalism, consider more aristocratic colours.

Consumer Facing “Quirky” example brand colour scheme:Screen Shot 2018 01 19 at 21 07 49

Professional Services example brand colour scheme: Screen Shot 2018 01 19 at 21 08 28

Website design

If you’re setting up a digital business then you should view your website as your shop window. Use images that represent how you see yourself as a brand, rather than any old stock photo that represents your services. Incorporate your brand colours tastefully and hire a professional copywriter to refine your message and present it in easy to digest copy on the pages of your site.

Logo design

Look at your top competitors’ logos and write down which ones you think work and don’t work, and why you think they do or don’t. Then look to hire a professional graphic designer to bring your vision to life. Provide feedback and interact with the graphic designer to make sure they grasp what you are trying to achieve. But always remember they have designed 1000s of logos and their professional opinion should always be noted if they recommend taking the design in a certain direction.

Business card design

When networking in-person, having well-designed and high-quality printed business cards can help make you and your business that much more memorable to the receiver. Have your design mocked up by a professional and make sure to be ready to provide them with all the information and materials you have determined earlier (i.e the points mentioned above). Include all your relevant contact information, title and office location on the cards and ensure that the design complements your brand and fits snugly in your potential client’s wallet.

Creating the right image for your brand is paramount to business success, so to make sure you have the right business cards for the right moment. Most importantly, we can help to Developing the right brand for your business. View our exclusive range of products today including metal cards, shaped cards, eco friendly cards, membership cards and more.

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