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Out and about: Why events can help build your business

Out and about: events can help build your business

We all wonder where we can make up a shortfall, or increase our margins? Much of the time, a business which is not growing at the desired rate is down to a lack of new clients, but despite the dawn of the digital era, don’t underestimate the power of face-to-face interaction.

The art of exhibition attending

Whether you are a sales manager or a ‘one man band’ business, there is only so far email campaigns and cold calling can take you. Have a scout around for exhibitions and conferences where your target customer base could be attending. Plan in advance and if you can, try and get an idea of the attendee list. Then, whether you are exhibiting or are just an attendee, armed with your plastic business cards you can set out to press some flesh, exchange ideas and ultimately expand your network.

New frontiers, new ideas

You might be amazed at the great ideas you can have while attending, or following a live industry event. Many conferences and exhibitions have speaker programmes packed full of thought-provoking content which can give you important insights, and even inspire your own business activities. Keep your eyes and ears open, and an exhibition can give you ideas to take away that can improve your business.

Take centre stage

If you have an area of expertise which you would like to convey to others – or if you think you can provide best practice tips to businesses in your sector and potential customers – then live events are the place to do it. Apply in advance by outlining your idea for a talk, and you could find yourself on the speaker line up. That is great exposure for your business, you might be amazed at how many attendees approach you after the talk to ask for your contact details.

Stop ‘narrowcasting

By talking to the same people, visiting the same websites and using the same social media networks, it is all too easy to get trapped in a restricted business world. In order to broaden your horizons, as well as your contact list, events offer the perfect way to get yourself heard, and in turn, listen to what others can offer. If you have only spoken to somebody by phone and email, an event is the perfect chance to ‘put a face to a name’ and start distributing your business cards to the people that matter.

We hope this blog has helped you to realise the potential benefits of events in the business world. It’s time to escape the office!

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