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3 tips for business card etiquette

3 tips for business card etiquette

A business card is often the first physical item that a potential customer receives from your business. As such, the card must represent you and your brand effectively, as well as showing the potential client that you are serious about taking the business further with them. However, there seems to be some confusion around business card etiquette, with many new startups thinking that a slightly bent piece of cardboard with their name and number thrust at a potential client is enough.

Our experts know that this isn’t true, and as such have prepared a brief guide with 3 tips for business card etiquette. So that you and your employees know how to design and use them most effectively.

  1. Make them professional and relevant

A plastic business card doesn’t just represent you but your company and brand. This might be something you’ve worked tirelessly to build up over the years, so you don’t want to compromise its reputation with a poor layout. Your business card should be able to accurately convey your business’ ethos through its imagery, font, colours and designs. Link your design to your business, rather than opting for traditional stuffy styles, so that your clients can see you have put thought into it. This implies a level of attention to detail that runs throughout your business.

  1. Keep them crisp

Nothing is more unprofessional than handing a potential client a bent business card. As such, we would highly recommend using plastic business cards instead. They are extremely difficult to bend, won’t get stained, and show your client that you are always willing to go the extra mile. A plastic card is also far more tangible for the client, and they will be less inclined to lose it or forget about it, making a call back from them far more likely.

  1. Present and receive cards with two hands

Stemming from traditional Japanese business culture, it is always best to present and receive business cards with two hands, as this show greater respect for the object itself, as well as its representation of a future business relationship. When receiving a card, always take a second or two to look at it, before putting it away. If you can’t use two hands (because you are holding a notebook or drink, for example), then ensure you present the card face up and facing towards the recipient, making it easier for them to read.

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