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Bio PVC Cards – A great look, plus a nice reflection on your business.

Plastic Card Experts cards helps your business stand out from the pack – they look absolutely stunning and convey a sense of high value.

Well, our new environmentally friendly BIO PVC cards convey values too: They communicate that your company cares about the environment and is doing its part to go green and use sustainable products and business practices.

You lose nothing in terms of looks or quality of product. And you have the world to gain.

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BIO PVC- the future of Plastic Card Printing?

Businesses everywhere are becoming increasingly concerned with the environment and are looking for ways they can reduce their global impact and increase their green credentials!

Of the many non biodegradable items humans are leaving on Earth for future inhabitants of the planet to discover, one of the most ubiquitous is the Plastic Card. Whether you are talking about your supermarket loyalty card, your local gym membership card or the Credit Card in your wallet plastic cards are everywhere......and they will continue to be everywhere for a very long time. ...

Even after we have all long passed away our credit cards will remain, indefinitely, living out the rest of their indestructible lives in a Landfill fact there are so many credit cards that it was determined in 2006 by a United States Census Bureau that there were nearly 1.5 Billion credit cards in use just in the USA alone....a stack of all those credit cards would reach more than 70 miles into space and be almost as tall as 13 Mount Everest's. If this number of credit cards were thrown away every three years, the stack of credit cards would reach almost 43 Everest's high after a decade!

So, what can we do about this......welcome to the future of PVC.....BIO PVC!

BIO PVC is a rigid PVC product made from normal PVC resin but with a special ingredient added to the base formula to make the PVC film biodegradable. There are no adverse effects to the physical properties of the PVC and the performance of the Bio PVC is exactly the same as normal PVC Cards and they will maintain their integrity for as long as you use them your cards will look as good, if not better than if they were printed on standard PVC....but you will know that you have done your part for the health of the World.

The result is a 99% PVC product that biodegrades in nine months to five years whilst in constant contact with a fertile environment such as soil, water, compost or wherever there is continual contact with microorganisms. The bioremediation works both in an aerobic or anaerobic environment so it even breaks down where there is no oxygen or water. So what does this all mean.....this means that after you have finished with your card, wherever it may end up, be it on the ground, in a landfill, in the ocean or a lake or even in your back garden, it will break down and completely biodegrade.

Worried that your card might start to breakdown whilst its still in use, in your wallet or pocket?....well worry no more!..........the cards only breakdown when they come into contact with the microorganisms in a fertile environment.......been cultivating a fertile environment in your pockets?....ok, you can worry a bit (although not about the cards!)

Key Features

  1. Performance identical to standard PVC
  2. No change in physical properties or colours
  3. Resists water and heat as well as standard PVC
  4. Suitable for printing, embedding chips and UV treatment
  5. Ink adhesion, lamination, die cutting and embossing are identical to standard PVC
  6. Completely biodegrades when thrown away with your usual waste with no adverse effects.

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