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ECO: the importance of running your business sustainably

ECO: the importance of running your business sustainably

Modern consumers are much more aware of their place in the global ecosystem than previous generations; for this reason, running your business in a somewhat sustainable manner is more important than ever. Not only does adopting sustainable practices reduce your carbon footprint and improve your brand image among carbon conscious young professionals, but it can also save your business money, too. Sustainable practices tend to lead to less waste and reduced energy consumption, both of which can save your business a penny or two on overheads. Here are our top tips on running a sustainable business and maintaining an eco-friendly brand.

Choose sustainable materials

It’s impossible to avoid using unsustainable materials some of the time, but customers will appreciate even small steps you make, towards becoming a fully sustainable business. Print on recycled paper, stock the water cooler with recyclable cups, and switch to a sustainable energy supplier. If you’re thinking of investing in business cards, increase your green credentials and opt for RECYCLED PVC business cards which are made from a durable but ECO FRIENDLY PLASTIC.

Reduce waste

Perform an environmental audit on your business and you’ll likely find quite a few simple ways to reduce waste without disrupting routine. Here are a few ideas:

– Install separate bins for landfill, recycling, and compost.

– Go paperless! Don’t print out anything that isn’t 100% necessary.

– Don’t buy bottled water; stick to filtered water, or just plain old tap.

– Reduce packaging: next time you stock up the office supply cabinet and kitchen, try to opt for products with less packaging waste and buy in bulk if it’s convenient.

Partner with local businesses

It’s not obvious, but by supporting other local business you not only reduce your business’s carbon footprint. Also by having supplies and products delivered locally,  you will support your local economy and improve your brand locally, too. For example, buying fresh produce from local markets, or baked goods from local bakers and cafés can be a big selling point. It will certainly make your business’s catering provisions stand out to staff and customers. Or perhaps offer to sponsor a local environmental cause.

Of course, partnering with local businesses and organisations also doesn’t hurt when it comes to the ‘I’ll scratch your back, and you scratch mine’ rule. It may just drum up some new business for you from local entrepreneurs, too.  If you develop a longstanding relationship with a local supplier or reputable environmental charity, organisation or influencer group, you may be able to add their logo to your marketing materials, including brochures, leaflets and business cards.

Maintaining an eco-friendly brand doesn’t necessarily mean changing everything from the ground up. It’s possible to reduce waste and improve your brand by making a few small, simple changes to the way you operate your business sustainably. Go sustainable now, we can help and reap the rewards for years to come. For more advice about eco-friendly business cards, please contact us today.


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